the foundry on melrose {chef-lebrity establishments}

Happy 2013! To ring in the new year, I’m going for a new look. For my blog, of course. I’m way too chicken to dye my virgin hair.

I still have a few posts to write from last year  (it’s not my fault I get sucked into Pinterest every time I open my computer), and the following is a 2012 trip to a fancy restaurant.

7465 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 651-0915

A quiet and wobbly start, but a strong finish with a lasting impression.

Who doesn’t love a restaurant where you don’t need to make a reservation weeks in advance? I’m talking to you, Mozza! It looks like you’d be pretty safe making a reservation the day of, or even just walking in if you’re the live-on-the-edge kinda person (I’m not).

We walked in and the first thing we noticed was the general oddness of the place. It’s an uncomfortable layout in a smallish/mediumish space and the ambiance is noticeably stagnant. While the restaurant itself was fairly full, the noise level was hushed and our fellow diners looked bored. It’s quite possible we were surrounded by a bevy of mediocre first dates.

Our waiter, while warm and friendly, could have lightened up a bit on the name dropping. Waiter: “Are you familiar with our chef, Eric Greenspan? He was on The Next Iron Chef, etc. etc.” I’m shelling out my pennies to see what the chef can do in the kitchen, not what his Food Network status is.

Once that was out of the way, the rest of the evening was a quite enjoyable experience. Deets below, with photo accompaniment!

I started out with this one drink that carried me through the entire meal (and helped continue by lovely buzz through the rest of the night. Thanks Asian genes!) Meet my demise: A Foundry Sunset – rum, pomegranate, orange, lemon, cava. Bonus points to the bartender for using an awesomely giant solid cube of ice.

{a foundry sunset }
{a foundry sunset}

The veggies: black kale and fig salad. I’ve hopped on the kale bandwagon and I’m enjoying the ride. This was a refreshing twist on the leafy green with the generous amount of figs (yum figs!) thrown in the mix.

{black kale and fig salad}

The fishy appetizer: Albacore tartare with sweet potato, shisito peppers, orange. Meh. My fault for ordering it. I should know better that tuna tartare is sooo 00’s.

{albacore tartare}
{albacore tartare}

Pork belly scallion pancakes. Oh hey pork and fat and all around amazingness.

{pork belly scallion pancakes}
{pork belly scallion pancakes}

The infamous grilled cheese with short ribs, tallegio, rasin-walnut bread, apricot caper puree. With all the random stuff that’s in there, you’d think the flavors would be competing with each other and taste kinda gross. Au contrair, mon ami. The 8 bazillion things packed into this tiny grilled cheese somehow work so harmoniously together the clouds part and the angels sing. Not recommended for the faint of heart (or anyone looking to drop some lbs).

{grilled cheese}
{grilled cheese}

We ended with an appetizer portion of the dish that got Greenspan kicked off The Next Iron Chef, the Krispie Crusted Tuna with sunchokes, grapes, mushrooms, bran. At first glance, it’s a little weird. You’ve got these tentacle looking mushrooms sticking out of a pile of stuff covered in…cereal? Looks aside, it’s actually a flavorful and inventive dish. It’s just no braised short ribs grilled cheese.

{krispie crusted tuna}
{krispie crusted tuna}


I’ll be back. I just won’t be ordering albacore tartare.


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