guys, i’m official! {getting crafty}

{biz cards}
{biz cards}

What I really wanted were letterpressed cards, but when those were running upwards of $1/card, I knew I had to get crafty (blame the self-imposed spending diet). These were so easy and cheap, and they still gave me the old fashioned, rustic-y feel I was going for.

I uploaded my logo design at and they magically turned it into a cool wooden rubber stamp. I can now literally put my stamp on things.

I grabbed a few packs of blank cards at Paper Source for less than what fellow crafties were selling them on Etsy for.

With House Hunters playing in the background, I finished these before the newlywed couple decided on house #2 with the large backyard for their dog Scout.

I’m kinda obsessed with these and want to hand them out to EVERYONE.

(Neither nor Paper Source paid me for this. I’m just a thrilled customer!)


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