s’mores cookies

{s'more cookies}

For those whose idea of enjoying the outdoors is sitting on a patio in a lawn chair, I give you the non-camper’s version of a s’more. Gone are the days of being a mosquito buffet or being on alert for bears eating your food supply. You can enjoy the chocolate, gooey, graham crackery-ness of a s’more in the comfort-and safety-of your own home (barring any oven mishaps, of course).

I used my all-time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and incorporated 1 package of cinnamon graham crackers in the batter. I left the chunks on the larger side so you get that crunch of graham cracker:


I then scooped 1-1/2 inch balls of dough and shoved three mini marshmallows into each cookie. I under cooked one batch as usual (I love a gooey centered cookie) and slightly overbaked another. The latter still came out moist and gooey because of the melted marshmallows.

NB: Things can sometimes get messy, so clean up BEFORE you stuff your face silly with cookies and pass out from a s’more coma…hypothetically speaking.

{messy kitchen}
{messy kitchen}

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