criss cross apple…pie

In spite of it being 80°F+ outside in the middle of November (#socal #humblebrag), it’s time to dust off some cozy fall recipes. Maybe if I keep baking enough pies and pumpkin-related things, the weather will cooperate and actually be fall-like? Pretty please? I just want to wear scarves and boots already.

So what exactly is the coziest, back-to-basics kind of pie? A good ol’ homemade (except the crust cuz that’s time consuming) apple pie. With a lattice top. Because it’s so pretty.


If you find the idea of peeling, coring and slicing apples particularly soothing, then by all means go get crazy with that manual peeler. For those of us stricken with possible carpal tunnel, or you just want an AWESOMELY cool new kitchen toy, let me introduce to you an apple peeler:


It peels, cores and yes, slices those bad boys with just a few turns of the handle. While it looks like the apple stays whole, if you stretch it out, it looks like a huge swirly curl of apple goodness.


[yumprint-recipe id=’1′] 



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