Disney Dining

disney dining ~ breakfast at river belle terrace

I’ve had my annual pass for less than three months, and I’ve gone over 10 times. I think I might have an addiction? 


 I like food (duh), and I clearly like Disneyland, soooo why not start blogging about what I’m stuffing into my face when I’m hanging with the tuxedo wearing mouse? My inaugural Disney Dining post begins with the most important meal of the day, featuring cinnamon roll french toast with cream cheese frosting (!!!)

cinnamon roll french toast
 Who knew this dessert-for-breakfast gem was hidden away inside the River Belle Terrace?

river belle terrace
Decisions, decisions!

river belle terrace breakfast
The classy interior with fellow hungry guests grabbing some things from the condiments bar, which includes…

river belle terrace
TRAIL MIX and GRANOLA (not pictured). Just sitting there. With nifty containers. For the taking. I can neither confirm nor deny packing some snacks for later in the day.

trail mix
So for ~$8 with the AP discount, the two of us scored a yummy breakfast (and maybe some assorted nuts).


One thought on “disney dining ~ breakfast at river belle terrace

  1. They also have the BEST fried chicken on the planet at night 🙂 My FAVORITE place to eat in Disneyland (outside of the Blue Bayou, of course!)

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