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non-sucky succulents

You know what I love almost as much as food (and Disneyland)? DIY! So let me officially introduce you to my first crafty post.

I’m an avid Pinner, so naturally I am drawn to, in no particular order: clothes I can’t afford, homes that exist only in my dreams, workout infographics I will never use, inspirational quotes, mason jars, and…succulents!

They’re pretty…and pretty hard to kill, so these trending plants are perfect for your first living DIY.

diy terrarium  

 To make your own Pinterst-y mason jar terrariums, you will need:
* 3 wide mouth mason jars
* pebbles or sand (I got this bag from Joann’s for <$3 with a nifty 40% off coupon
* 1-2 cups cactus soil (I already had a bag of regular potting soil on hand, so I mixed some of this with 2-3 generous handfuls of sand. The idea is to help with drainage.)
* a pretty succulent (the tiniest one at the garden center will work)

diy terrarium

You can get ~3 pint sized mason jar terrariums out of one tiny succulent. You just gently break up the soil to separate the stems.

diy terrarium

Fill the bottom of a jar with pebbles or sand. About 1.5 inches should do the trick.

diy terrarium  

Layer in cactus soil (or your own homemade version) until the jar is a bit more than half full. Carefully plant one stem of the succulent into the soil. Repeat 2 more times. Admire your handiwork.

diy terrarium

diy terrarium


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