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all that glitters is gold leaf

I just started a subscription to Whimseybox and I am LOVING it. It’s a crafty person’s dream subscription box, and it’s like getting a present delivered to your door every month! Use my link to get $5 off your first box:

So, how does it work?

Every month, Whimseybox sends you a sturdy, reusable box:

june whimseybox

with its contents all wrapped up in a perfect pretty bow:

june whimseybox

a few words of inspiration:

june whimseybox

and all the supplies and instructions you’ll need to make a craft!

june whimseybox

July was all about, you guessed it, GOLD! Unfortunately, the adhesive and sealant that came with this month’s box was putrid. I could smell them in my mailbox, before I even opened the Whimseybox. I attempted making a frame with these stinky liquids, and it was a total disaster. Even with all my windows open and a fan going, I just couldn’t get over the smell. Also, there was gold leaf EVERYWHERE. #goldleafvirgin

I e-mailed their beyond stellar customer service peeps, and they heard my cries of desperation (and gasps for fresh air!) Not only did they send me a replacement frame, they suggested using modge podge as a non-stinky sealant for this craft.

june whimseybox

Since the original liquid adhesive was just as stinky as the sealant, and I wanted a polka dot pattern on my frame, I rummaged through my craft boxes and found some GLUE DOTS. A million times easier, cleaner and non smellier than the liquid adhesive. BRILLIANT.

You could apply the glue dots and gold leaf directly to the unfinished frame, but I opted to add a splash of turquoise first:

june whimseybox

Gold leaf is SUPER finicky. Be extra careful and gentle with it, and try not to handle it too much with your hands. Pro tip: a thin paintbrush helps pick up pieces of gold leaf!

To remove the excess gold leaf, I rubbed a q-tip onto the dots:

june whimseybox

Once all the excess gold leaf is removed, add a layer of modge podge to coat the entire frame.

june whimseybox

Love how it turned out! Now comes the task of finding just the right photo to complement the turquoise and glittery told 🙂

june whimseybox


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