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boo-tiful halloween pumpkins

I don’t do well with scary movies, haunted houses, ouija boards, etc. I prefer my Halloween sick from an over-indulgence on candy corn and dressing animals up in ridiculously adorable costumes. I also have an inexplicably irrational love of anything rainbow sprinkled.

So it’s only natural I would want to turn this:
mini pumpkin

into this!
mini pumpkin

 You too can make your own faux-rainbow sprinkle donut pumpkins in about 15 minutes.

Grab a 2oz bottle of craft paint in your favorite color (this is Martha Stewart Crafts’ “Fruit Punch”): 
mini pumpkin

Paint the top half of the mini pumpkin:
mini pumpkin

Make sure to add the rainbow sprinkles while the paint is still wet:
mini pumpkin

Optional: If you anticipate any kids, friends, or significant others poking around at your sprinkle donut pumpkin, add a layer of mod podge once the paint dries, but before the sprinkles.

And please, don’t try to eat it.


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