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felt flower holiday garland


A few seasons ago, Anthropologie had these adorable felt gift wrap packets, which turns out are SUPER easy to DIY…into beautiful holiday garlands!


What you’ll need for 4-8 ft garlands:
* 12 sheets of felt
* 40 feet of 1/4 inch wide ribbon
* A pair of good fabric scissors
* Some good background tv, because you’ll be cutting felt circles for a while

Cut out 6cm diamater circles of felt. You’ll need 120 in total; I had 30 of each color.


Fold a felt circle in half and make two, 1cm cuts into the folded end, 1cm apart:


To make a felt flower, weave five circles onto an 8-ft long ribbon:


Push the felt circles to the end of the ribbon, and start scrunching them together from the center of each circle:


Tie two knots at the base of each “flower” to secure them in place on the garland:


Continue adding felt flowers ~8″ apart. Wrap around your tree (or hang around your home) for some DIY Christmas cheer!




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