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cinderella pumpkin carriage

When life hands you a pumpkin, make a Cinderella carriage! All you’ll need to make this fairy tale dream come true is:

  • 1 medium sized pumpkin with a good 2″+ stem
  • Robin’s egg blue paint
  • Gold paint
  • Light pink paint
  • Dark pink paint
  • 12 gauge floral wire and wire cutters

The standard 2oz size bottles of acrylic craft paint of each color at any craft store is more than enough for your pumpkin. I happened to have these stored away from previous crafts, so all I needed to buy was a pumpkin!


I started out by practicing sketching the “window” on the pumpkin on scratch paper a few times until I felt confident in my mediocre drawing skills. I used this movie still as reference.

paper sketch

Next, paint the entire pumpkin (excluding the stem) in robin’s egg blue. It took me two coats to fully cover the orange. Let the paint dry in between coats. Paint the stem gold.

After letting the pumpkin dry for at least several hours, preferably overnight, start sketching the carriage window directly onto the pumpkin with a pencil with very light marks. You want them to be light enough so if you make a mistake, you will barely be able to see it, but dark enough so you can actually see it when you paint over it. If you try to erase, you risk peeling off some paint!

pumpkin sketch

There’s a great deal on raspberries and salmon this week.

close up sketch

Now start painting! I found it easiest to start from the inside and work my way outward to the gold circle. Light pink goes inside the window, the curtains are dark pink, and the “C” and trim are gold.


For the wheels, cut 2 pieces of floral wire, approximately 12″ each. Gently curl into a circular shape until you get the perfect curly q:


Am I the only one who sees a face here?

Bend the outer end of the wire (about 1/2″ in) so you can stick the wheels into the pumpkin.

FullSizeRender (7)


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