About Me

Dishful thinking: —noun the formation of ideas for new recipes and the desire to try new foods with the intent to satisfy one’s tastebuds, without regard to logic, tradition or rationality.

Me with Carla from Top Chef!

I’ve always had an inexplicable affinity towards food.  But that’s not to say I liked good food (Trader Joe’s cheese puffs, anyone?).  It’s only been in the recent months where I’ve developed my love of food into something more hands-on and engaging.  Thus began my critical eye (or tastebuds?) for restaurants and my venture into cooking.

I never cooked growing up, save for the occasional grilled cheese.  Needless to say, when I got to college and had to fend for myself, I heavily relied on the multitude of takeout restaurants near campus and my roommates throwing something together for me.  Sadly, the days of making my own schedule (naps mid-day! 4 day weekends!) ended on graduation day, along with in-apartment chef service, graciously provided by the aforementioned roommates.

My passion for cooking wasn’t an immediate change after college.  I stuck to easy (sometimes bland) basics: pasta, chicken with some spices haphazardly thrown on it and of course my grilled cheese, expertly refined after years of practice.  It was only a few months before the inception of this blog that I became a self-proclaimed foodie.  And now, I can’t eat at a restaurant

without taking pictures and writing down notes, I can’t cook a recipe without thinking what suggestions to include in a blog post, but I can say I’m more open to trying any and all new foods I wouldn’t have considered before (save for celery.  I didn’t like it as a child, and I still can’t stomach it today).

Eat to live or live to eat.  Whatever your view, food is an undeniable facet of life.  While it is a basic necessity, it’s also a way to experiment, a way to express yourself, invent yourself, challenge yourself and above all, bring good people together over a good meal.


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