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disney dining ~ storytellers cafe

I almost don’t want to push this post live because that means my secret lunch oasis will be outed 🙂

It was hot and crowded when we were in California Adventure, so we decided to take an air-conditioned break by wandering around the Grand Californian. (For those who don’t know, the Grand Californian hotel is connected to California Adventure, with an access gate for anyone who has a valid ticket to enter/exit through). Our admiration of the stunning lobby was loudly interrupted by two very hungry tummy grumbles.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to walk very far until we stumbled upon the Storyteller’s Cafe, nestled inside the hotel, away from the hustle of the park.

Storytellers Cafe

It’s a nice contrast to the crowds and noise of the park, that’s literally just steps away from the restaurant. When you enter, you’re greeted by smiling cast members (and air conditioning!) who add you to the wait list and hand you one of those buzzer things. We arrived shortly after 12pm, and our wait was only 5 minutes. Once your buzzer goes off, you’re escorted into the restaurant and you see a massive breakfast buffet display. While the scent of bacon was calling screaming my name, we were there at the tail end of breakfast and we couldn’t partake in the breakfast feast.

This actually worked out in our favor, because after a quick search, I learned that the buffet is a whopping $27.99 per person! We ordered a Los Angeles Farmers’ Market Field Greens salad and Slow-roasted Turkey Clubhouse sandwich off the regular lunch menu, and our total, with taxes + tip, and after our AP discount was applied, was just under $27 for the both of us. That’s just $13/person to have waiter service, a comfy booth, peace and quiet, and did I mention, air conditioning? That’s the same price as a just-ok chicken sandwich and fries from the Taste Pilots Grill!

The plates are basically half eaten because we were so hungry I forgot to snap a pic before we grubbed!
Slow-roasted Turkey Clubhouse


Los Angeles Farmers' Market Field Greens

AND you get a tasty bread basket to boot!
Bread Basket

Disney Dining

disney dining ~ breakfast at river belle terrace

I’ve had my annual pass for less than three months, and I’ve gone over 10 times. I think I might have an addiction? 


 I like food (duh), and I clearly like Disneyland, soooo why not start blogging about what I’m stuffing into my face when I’m hanging with the tuxedo wearing mouse? My inaugural Disney Dining post begins with the most important meal of the day, featuring cinnamon roll french toast with cream cheese frosting (!!!)

cinnamon roll french toast
 Who knew this dessert-for-breakfast gem was hidden away inside the River Belle Terrace?

river belle terrace
Decisions, decisions!

river belle terrace breakfast
The classy interior with fellow hungry guests grabbing some things from the condiments bar, which includes…

river belle terrace
TRAIL MIX and GRANOLA (not pictured). Just sitting there. With nifty containers. For the taking. I can neither confirm nor deny packing some snacks for later in the day.

trail mix
So for ~$8 with the AP discount, the two of us scored a yummy breakfast (and maybe some assorted nuts).